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The LBA-2 touch display is an optional accessory for the parametrization and visualization of measured values, e.g. current, voltage, power, setpoint.
Key Features NEW: LBA-2

In addition to simplifying the handling of Thyro-P, the LBA-2 also offers a quick overview of Thyro-P‘s status. Ongoing data can also be displayed as line or bar charts. The EasyStart feature simplifies the setting of the Thyro-P configuration.

An additional feature is the integrated data recorder that enables a long-term recording of up to 6 measured values including status messages. The data evaluation is supported on PC.

LBA-2 is available in the following versions:
• Bluetooth adapter
• Touch display with SD memory card
• Touch display with SD memory card and Bluetooth feature
The new local operating and display unit LBA-2 is compatible with all devices from the Thyro-P series, as well as with the cabinet installation kit (SEK) and can be used in place of the former LBA model.


Graphic User Interface (LBA)






The Thyro-P wireless adapter allows an easy commissioning of Thyro-P devices via wireless data communication. The wireless adapter can either be attached on Thyro-P such as a LBA or be used together with SEK (cabinet installation kit). The wireless communication works together with the following devices:

» Smartphone with Android operating system
» Tablet PC with Android operating system
» Laptop with Thyro-Tool Family (from version 4.0)

For devices with android operating system, Thyro-App as free of charge software is available.

Key Features
• Easy commissioning for Thyro-P power controller
• Operation of multiple wireless adapters at the same time
• Communication via Tablet PC, Smartphone or PC
• Display of active communication via status LED
• Usage of AEG support per mailing of parameter data to AEG Power Solutions via Thyro-App (e.g. for optimization/control of application parameters)
• Parameterization and setting of devices
• Display of all relevant data (set points, voltages, currents, loads, operation and error messages)
• Display of measurement data as well as line diagrams (current, voltage, load, total set point)
• Set point setting, e.g. for commissioning

The mounting kit (SEK) is an optional accessory for the mounting of user interfaces LBA-2 or LBA into a cabinet.


Thyro doplňky




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